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An important event happened under the radar screen in the past year.  CPA2BIZ, the technology subsidiary of the AICPA, acquired the rights to  CPA2BIZ already offers a series of cloud based solutions for small CPA firms to compete with the big boys on equal footing.   What better way to help CPAs to continue to even the playing field than through is the obvious place for clients to begin looking for CPAs.  Obvious, unless you are one of those CPAs who does not include CPA at the end of your name.  I worked hard to become a CPA and I am proud to call myself a CPA every day.  I honestly cannot understand why someone would not want to include CPA at the end of their name on their business cards, on their letterhead or in other forms of communication.  I know there are some businesses that do not allow you to put CPA after your name.  I don’t really get those either.  I guess they are concerned about how clients will react to employees who are not CPAs; that they are somehow getting lesser service from those people.  But wouldn’t it make more sense instead, to highlight the talents of the many employees that are CPAs?

There will be many services developed through, but the first may be one of the most useful and that is email.  Whether you are a sole practitioner, a small firm, or someone in Business and Industry that runs a business on the side during tax season, a “” email address will enhance your professional creditability and remind all of your clients that they are dealing with a real CPA. email will come in two versions.  A basic version that will forward all of the emails to another email account or a business-class version better suited to growing firms.  Enhanced services such as encryption and mobile synchronization will also be available. 

There is one requirement to get a email address. You must be an active voting member of the AICPA.  If you are one of the handful of voting members that do not have an active license in your state, then you are required to honor the code of ethics and your state accountancy law prohibitions against holding yourself out as a legitimate practicing CPA. 

The email address format will be  In my case that would be Obviously with 350,000 plus voting members of the AICPA, there are duplicate names out there.  Getting your address in the format listed above will be on a first come first served basis.  After that, accommodations will be made such as using a more formal first name (William) or a middle initial (D) initially, then moving on to less obvious differentiators.  Therefore, there is a reason to sign-up as early as possible.  The service will be available this quarter.  So go to to sign up as early as possible once the service is available.

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