CPA New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year that everyone is making New Year’s resolutions so I thought it would be appropriate to come up with a list of resolutions for CPAs in Business and Industry to make for the New Year.

10. Stop distributing at least one report currently produced and see who notices.

9. Read at least one business related book during the year.  You can’t advance your career if you don’t advance your knowledge.

8. Volunteer to help out a not-for-profit.  They could really use your financial expertise.

7. See to it that your company comments on at least 2 exposure drafts. There are plenty to choose from in the coming year with FASB exposure drafts on revenue recognition and leasing, FAF’s proposal to (barely) change the process for private company standard setting, PCAOB exposure drafts on auditor’s reports and independence, the COSO exposure draft on the Internal Control Integrated Framework and potential SEC exposure drafts on the incorporation of IFRS.

6. Change at least one accounting process – automate it, streamline it or just plain eliminate it!

5. Vote in November or don’t complain about the results.

4. Volunteer for at least one position in a professional organization, committee or task force.  This is your profession.  The only way it will continue to be your profession is if you get involved.

3. Get involved in at least one social media outlet – be it Twitter, LinkedIn or your own blog – do something!

2. Do one thing to go green, and I don’t mean heading to Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Take all your required CPE before December and make sure that it will help you do your job better.

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