Decision Time on CGMA

It is now time to decide if you really want to be a CGMA or not.  Since the roll-out on January 31, CPAs who met the experience requirements were able to try out all of the benefits of being a CGMA. From all of information on the CGMA website at  to weekly newsletters (you can sign up here) to an assortment of resources including white papers, research studies and specialized tools, there are a lot of tangible benefits to being a CGMA.

But time is running out on the free trial of being a CGMA.  With the 2012-13 dues statement you now have a choice to make.  Do you want to be a CGMA bad enough to be willing to pay for it?  Like all of the other credentials offered by the AICPA, the CGMA credential offered by the AICPA-CIMA joint venture now has annual dues.  If you are a member of a State Society of CPAs it will only cost you $100 (it’s an extra $50 if you are only a member of the AICPA).     

But deciding if the CGMA is worth it to you is more than deciding if the information, tools and resources are worth $100 a year. The question is do you also see the intangible benefits of being part of a specialized group within the profession.  Thousands have already started referring to themselves as CGMAs because it already means something to those that matter most (their co-workers, colleagues and employers).  It means they have a unique and valuable skill set.  Every day I meet people who express gratitude that they are finally being recognized by their profession for the important work they do to help businesses succeed while still embracing the professional responsibilities to the public whether it is to the stockholder of the company, their fellow employee stakeholders or the local banker making the loan to a privately held company.  These people are proud to be CGMAs. The certificate itself, and what it strands for, has more worth to them than any website, paper or tool could ever deliver.

I for one have already made the decision that the CGMA is worth it and proudly display my CGMA certificate on the wall in my office along with my CPA certificate.  Now its time for you to decide.  What are you going to do?

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