Time to Give Thanks

This week we sit down as a nation and give thanks for our many blessings.  We as a CPA profession are also very blessed and here is my list of CPA blessings for 2012.

  1. Thanks for technology that gives us freedom from the office – from laptops to tablets to mobile phones we are no longer tethered to the office and I love the fact we can work when and where we want.
  2. Thanks for the people who work in Washington to get important messages across; we no longer have to worry about tax patents and eventually the wisdom of due date rationalization will also make those proposed changes a reality.
  3. Thanks for States Boards and Societies with the vision to make Mobility a reality; we now have 49 states and DC allowing CPA Mobility – something I never thought I would see.
  4. Thanks to leadership that is working to ensure the U.S. CPA stays as one world’s most respected accounting credentials by taking steps to internationalize the CPA and enter into a global joint venture with CIMA.
  5. Thanks to the 36,000 U.S. based CGMAs that are part of over 100,000 CGMAs worldwide that show that there are accounting professional in business that truly do make a difference.
  6. Thanks to teachers that provide a gateway for thousands of new members of the profession every year and show the wisdom to realize that we must change through the recommendations of the Pathways Commission to continue building a great profession tomorrow.
  7. Thanks to the AICPA for creating the Financial Reporting Framework for Small and medium Enterprises – it is about time we finally recognized the unique needs of the millions of users of these small business financial statements.
  8. Thanks for another year of opportunity and satisfaction; I love being a CPA and am so glad people have such a high level of respect for what we do.

So enjoy the turkey and the football as we look forward to another year of progress in making life even better for everyone in and served by our wonderful profession.

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