Quit Whining

I read a great blog on AICPA Insights about giving tax season a different perspective. (it can be found here)

The blog takes the position that instead of whining about the long hours and other problems of tax season, maybe we should view it as a time to shine – a time when we can really show everyone what we can do and show how valuable we are to our employers and clients. I think the attitude this blog suggests applies to more than tax season.  I think it applies to any other “busy season” by CPAs – be that annual reporting, the budget cycle, periodic forecasts, or any of the myriad of other things we CPAs spend considerable time doing very well.

I for one have felt for a long time that we CPAs spend too much time grossing about the problems of our job rather than highlighting the benefits.  I don’t see lawyers wearing all of the hours they have to put in as young associates out of law school as some sort of red badge of courage.  Instead they see that as a time to show everyone what they can do so then can move up the ladder and get recognized for the value they provide.  The same could be said about doctors doing their residency.

Face it, if you want to be a valuable professional it is going to take some extra effort on your part on a recurring basis.  Instead of complaining about it and turning off the best and brightest we need to celebrate how the busy seasons provide great opportunities time and again to show off our talents.  One of the highest rated (non-compensation related) reasons people stay, or leave jobs is the feeling of doing something that matters and is valued.   We CPAs do many things that matter and are valued by many people.  Why don’t you take the time to point that out instead of the number of hours you worked last week?

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