The Benefits of Participation

When people find out about my extensive involvement in the profession I often get asked “why do you do it?”  There are a lot of potential answers to that question, but my recent experience at the TSCPA leadership day reminded of one of the most important reasons – the ability to learn from experts I would never here from if I wasn’t involved.  We had the privilege of learn about Loyalty from James Kane.  His presentation was insightful and thought provoking.

He noted that true loyalty requires a human being on both ends which means “Brand Loyalty” is an oxymoron.  He also pointed out that “loyalty programs” also have nothing to do with loyalty because they are by there very nature transactional and expecting something in return is not true loyalty.  Finally he pointed out that all the focus on satisfaction does not get to loyalty either.  Satisfaction is a mood while true loyalty is a behavior.  For those of you with pets I think he put it best we he pointed out that cats are satisfied while dogs are loyal – and as a owner of both I agree wholeheartedly.  If you want to learn more you can visit to see more on this great speaker.

At my company we have been working on taking customer satisfaction to the next level by focusing on Net Promoter Score. It is a great measure of customer action in favor of your company’s services and products.  There are many similarities between Promoters and Loyalty, one of the most important of which is it takes people on both ends to make it work.  People will not promote my company because of its brand.  The will do so because of the effect of the personal contact from individual employees.  The presentation on loyalty gave me great ideas I can use in my work everyday.  In fact I was so impressed I recommended James Kane to our internal training organization.

This is just one example of many where my work career has been positively influenced by my involvement with the profession.  I can list countless others, but the point is that involvement gives you the opportunity to see and learn new things that you might not otherwise get if you are heads down focused on your job.  Ands it’s not surprising that it is that kind of exposure and insight that can make the difference between simply having a job and having a great career.

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