Since a college degree is required to become a CPA, all CPAs have an alma mater. While every school does not have a football team, when you talk to a fellow CPA more often than not the school they attended does have a team and this time of year the talk turns to the gridiron. Some CPAs live close, have season tickets and take tailgating to a whole new level, while others live far away and have to keep up as they can. But no matter how far life has taken them from their university town, CPAs find a way to keep up with their team and even get back to see them once in a while.

I think the reason CPAs like football so much is because it has so much in common with the profession. It takes special skills to excel as a CPA just as it does to excel as a football player. There is a constant balancing act between taking risk for the big gain and going for the safe well controlled play. It’s important not to cross the line into doing something wrong, but it is just as important to know where the line is and walk right up to it to get the best result. The star player may get the credit, but we all know it takes a lot of work by the players in the line in order for the star to shine.

Football also attracts all varieties of personalities. The tailgating, victory celebrations and chatter with the opposing fans fits those who love to interact with others – and being a CPA means you do a lot of interacting – so that fits more CPAs personality traits then you might think. At the same time, football is a number lover’s dream with stats on every conceivable outcome.

So let’s all go out and enjoy that fall treat that is uniquely American – college football.

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