The Forgotten Generation

When you see generational write-ups and discussions you always hear about two generations – the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. The Baby Boomers have been a driving force in the U.S. since they came of age in the ’60’s and now you can’t seem to get away from discussions on how the retirement of the generation is going to have huge repercussions for the economy. The Millennials are the new generation starting to come of age over the last decade and are seen as the savior of the world (at least by themselves) and will soon compose a majority of the workforce in the U.S. supplanting the quickly retiring Baby Boomers.

All this talk about these two generations leaves me wondering what about those of us born from the mid ’60’s to the late ’70’s – the so called Generation X. Like the forgotten middle child, the U.S. seems to have forgotten about us. There may not be as many of us as the two other generations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fill a critical gap in bridging the two generations. While not brought up on computers quite like Millennials, we have been using them our whole adult lives. We also understand the critical value of in person relationships and have an ability to excel at both.

Finally, we have the deep experience Millennials lack that can serve as the bridge to transition from Baby Boomer leadership to Millennial leadership. The size of our generation will ultimately limit the impact we have, but those that chose to ignore us may be missing on a golden opportunity to better transition from a Baby Boomer to Millennial driven business.

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