Silence is Acceptance

You cannot be silent!

Silence is acceptance of poor performance when you fail to point it out to those who work for you.

Silence is acceptance of bad governance when you don’t point out your business needs a written code of conduct.

Silence is acceptance of misstated financial statements when you suspect that non-accountants in your business may not be properly accounting for free products or credits due from a contract, but do nothing to determine if your suspicions are correct or incorrect.

Silence is acceptance of fraud when your colleague tells you about the adding a few dollars to blank taxi receipt they used for their expense report.

Silence is acceptance of a criminal act when your neighbor tells you how they took deductions for donations they didn’t make to charity.

It is not enough to only do the right things yourself. If you don’t speak out when you see the wrong things being done then you are guilty of accepting that behavior as appropriate which just as bad as doing it yourself. Our society doesn’t want you to speak out about right and wrong. If you disagree with someone they want you to shut up because it would be politically incorrect to tell someone else they are wrong. But if you don’t have a logical basis for what is right and wrong then nothing is wrong and what would be the point of our profession then?

One Comment on “Silence is Acceptance”

  1. Alan says:

    We would like to think that after the Enlightenments–1600s in Europe, 1200s in Arabia, -400s in East Asia–people would determine what is right or wrong based on rationale and reason. But, it’s easier to manage others to do what might be right or wrong with no questions asked than it is to enlighten them to understand why it is right or wrong and do the right thing.

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