10 Things I’m Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving week which means it’s time for my annual top 10 things I’m thankful for related to the CPA profession.

10. The revenue recognition standard – By getting in on the ground floor of implementing this standard I figure it will guarantee me employment opportunities for the rest of my career.

9. Congress and the IRS – because when the FASB starts getting on my nerves I just have to look over the fence at what my colleagues in the tax area have to deal with and I realize how much better off I am.

8. Busy Season – because it occurs in the middle of the winter when I don’t want to be outside anyway.

7. Apple – because they made mainstream all the gadgets that allow me more flexibility of when, where and how to get my work done.

6. Billy Atkins and the PCC – When Billy took on the Chairmanship of the PCC he said he hoped that the efforts to simplify accounting for private companies would also eventually impact public companies. With the FASB initiatives around goodwill and simplification it looks like the PCC is having the desired effect.

5. The CGMA – three years in and the credential is starting to get some real traction; and I am very grateful I won’t have the take a test like everyone else who wants it starting 1/1/15.

4. The TSCPA and PAC – for working tirelessly to keep the regulations around the CPA license appropriate and maintain the value of the license in the State of Texas.

3. The DCPAS – For embracing this person from another State, making me feel right at home, and allowing me to continue to support the profession I love through my volunteer efforts.

2. My Colleagues – who through their efforts and sacrifice make me proud each day to say I am a CPA.

1. The Public – who continue to think CPAs are the most trusted professionals in the world.

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