New Year’s Resolutions

I hope most of you are enjoying some time off from work during the holidays. With the new year around the corner, it is tradition to make some resolutions on things to do differently or better. Here are a few for us in business.

  1. I will immediately tell staff when they do good and when they are not performing well, instead of waiting for the mid-year review to spring it on them.
  2. I will get my required CPE done by October so I get to spend time with my family during the 2015 holidays instead of cramming in self-study courses to maintain my license.
  3. I will spend five minutes at the end of every day planning for the next day
  4. When I call a meeting I will spend 10 minutes planning an agenda for the meeting. If I can take an hour (or more) of everyone else’s time, I owe them some of my time to make it worth their while to attend.
  5. I will spend four hours each month (that is only one hour a week) doing something I enjoy that has nothing to do with work. If you can’t enjoy life then why are you working so hard?

I hope you have a great 2015!

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