Apps I Use

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days, but it’s the apps that really make smartphones useful. I thought I would use this blog to talk about the apps I use the most (which isn’t quite the same as the most useful, but is close). Full disclosure – I use an iPhone and an iPad so I will be talking about apps available for iOS, not android.

Quicken – I’ve been a user of Quicken for years and dutifully came home and entered in receipts and transactions at the end of each day or so. The Quicken app lets me do that at the moment I am completing the transactions which is especially helpful for dinosaurs like me that still use cash on a lot of small dollar transactions.

Storm – this is an app from the weather underground that includes radar, weather alerts, lightning alerts (great if you are doing outdoor activities), ten day forecasts and hourly forecasts for three days. This app is much better than the one that comes preloaded from apple and is free if you don’t mind getting a few ads at the top of the screen.

BillGuard – this app does require a fee, but I absolutely love it. It monitors all of your credit card accounts and shows you every new charge that comes through. It separates charges between new vendors and previously used vendors and also highlights charges from vendors that have been reported as suspicious by other users. This saves me from going to my credit card websites to look at transactions periodically. It also lets me know when a payment is coming due which is a great double check to make sure I don’t forget to make the payment.

Tripit – there are free and fee based versions of this app. If you travel more than once or twice a year a travel app really makes life easier. It contains all of the relevant information by trip (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.) and does this just by simply forwarding the email itineraries I receive when I make the reservations. Its gives me alerts about flight changes and delays and a whole lot more.

ESPN Score – this app lets you set up your favorite teams in any number of sports to track the results of their games and other important news about the team. It also shows you the scores of other key games. A quick two minute look and you’re ready for a water-cooler conversation with the most fanatic of fans.

I have lots of other apps on my phone that I use, but I would say these five are the ones that I would most miss if my phone was out of commission for more than an hour.

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