Things that will change

With graduation season upon us I thought it might be time to share my list of the top 10 things that will change after you graduate.

  • Your salary may seem like a lot until you start paying for everything – rent, car, electricity, water, internet, phone and insurance – start planning to bring your lunch to work.
  • You don’t get to start over after 3 or 4 months – your troubles are no longer over at the end of a semester, and even if you change employers, your past will stick to you like glue.
  • Those student loans – instead of getting cash, they will now make your cash disappear – it’s time to start paying them off.
  • Time to start putting money away for retirement because companies don’t provide pensions any more, and social security is likely to be very different by time you retire.
  • Goodbye inexpensive student football tickets.
  • That high school dress code you left behind when you went to college – its back, and on steroids this time.
  • You can’t set your work schedule to start at 11:00 like you did with your class schedule – better be ready to be there by 8:00 or maybe 9:00 at the latest.
  • Your commute will most likely change from a few minute walk to a long trip via public transportation or car.
  • Forget the concept of a summer vacation (even if you are a teacher); you’ll be lucky if you get two or three weeks off in the next year.
  • If you thought that intermediate accounting teacher was hard, he has nothing on your new boss.

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