Flight Delays

Things to do in the airport when your flight is delayed:

  • Constantly press update on the flight tracker to see when you will be taking off.
  • See the Mom and Dad with young children and realize how much better off you are being by yourself on this flight.
  • Find your favorite comfort food and order way too much, but eat it anyway.
  • Catch up on the emails you missed while in meetings all day.
  • Get your shoes shined.
  • Check on your Facebook account for the first time in months.
  • Check in vain for other ways to get to your destination because you are going to miss your connecting flight.
  • Decide what clothes you already wore are the cleanest to wear tomorrow if your flight gets cancelled and you end up having to spend another unplanned night out of town.
  • Wonder what people did when flights were delayed before we had cellphones, tablets and all sorts of electronic diversions.
  • Write your next blog!

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