Becoming the Office Financial Guru

Let’s face it, as a CPA you are the default personal finance expert in your office. This probably scares a lot of you because you don’t think of yourself as an expert because that is what all those CPA- PFS’ are. You’re just a normal person. But you are a normal person who probably reconciles their checking account, invests for retirement in a 401(k) plan (or some other plan available to you) and can understand the difference between leasing and buying a car.

Still, the thought of being an expert scares you. We the TSCPA and AICPA are here to help. The TSCPA has a whole website with great tools and information to help at It includes great tips like how to prevent and deal with identity theft, which debts to pay off first, or dealing with mobile finance alternatives. It has videos from fellow Texas CPAs talking about personal finance covering real practical topics like talking about finances as a couple and talking to your children about money. There is also a newsletter you and your business colleagues can sign up to receive that provides monthly tips and topics on personal finance so you can keep learning more.

Once you get more comfortable with the one-on-one conversations with your business colleagues, maybe you feel like taking the next step and making a more formal office presentation. There is a section on the website with a free article you can publish internally, tent cards, bulletin board material for the break room and even paycheck inserts to spread the financial literacy message.

There are even tool kits so you can put on presentations, like a lunch & learn session. You have to be an AICPA member, but if you, are the tool kits can be found here. This site supplies you with ready to go presentations and handouts set up by life stage. These presentations can be especially effective in smaller companies and locations that don’t have access to big corporate training programs.

In addition to providing a valuable service to your fellow employees you can also use the presentation as an opportunity to enhance your skills. And that is even easier to do when the audience is eager to learn, which is always the case with financial literacy presentations; so check out the website and see if there is a presentation that might be especially relevant to your co-workers.

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