Integrated Thinking

I recently had the opportunity to help produce a paper on integrated thinking. The concept of integrated thinking has come out of integrated reporting. Don’t think that if you aren’t planning to do an integrated report that integrated thinking does matter to you. Integrated thinking from a finance perspective has five key elements:

  1. Connectivity
  2. External Value Focus
  3. Integrated Planning
  4. Effective Governance and Oversight
  5. Integrated Communications

Has your finance group been trying to work more closely with the rest of the business? Are you finding you can’t do your job right unless you are constantly talking and interacting with people from all parts of the business? Are you working on a business partnering initiative in finance?

These are all really just other terms that describe what integrated thinking is all about. The paper is a short easy read – less than a dozen pages. It is full of ideas on how to help your business perform better through better communication, and understanding of exactly what you are trying to achieve and actually achieving. Check it out, you might be surprised.

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