CPA Politicians

Given that none of us can seem to escape the world of politics these days, I thought it might be fun to check out some famous current political accountants. Being from Texas, we all know Mike Conaway, US Congressman from Midland, is a CPA, a great friend of the profession and probably the leading CPA in Congress. But did you know these other famous CPA politicians:

Rick Snyder – Rick is a CPA and the Governor of Michigan, potentially the most popular elected CPA in the country (if you assume it takes more people to elect a governor than a congressman).

Mary Taylor – Mary is the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio; in fact 25% of political office holding CPAs are women.

Carlos Casco – not only does Texas have one of the few CPA Congressmen, we also have the only CPA Secretary of State in the country.

Ricky Polston – Ricky is a Florida Supreme Court Justice including a two-year stint as the Chief Justice; maybe the President should consider a CPA jurist for the US Supreme Court opening.

In addition, there are 66 other CPAs elected to state legislatures like our own Angie Chen Button.

I, for one, am very proud of all of the CPAs who have sought political office. I think the traits of a CPA – a willingness to put the public interest ahead of one’s own self-interest, an understanding of finances and unquestioned ethics – are traits that we should expect, but too often don’t get from all of our elected political leaders. Let’s hope that our CPA politicians can set an example which becomes the norm for politicians across the country.

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