10 Weird Items Found By TSA

We are in summer and entering the height of the vacation travel season, which means we’ll all be dealing with inexperienced travelers for the next couple of months.  My recommendation is to get TSA Pre-check.  I begrudgingly  paid $80 for the background check, but I can say this may have been the best money I ever spent on travel.  Not only is the line shorter, but you don’t have to take out your (legal) liquids or take off your shoes.  Plus, you don’t have to deal with inexperienced flyers trying to get some of these interesting things onto a plane (from the TSA website).

  1. Hand Grenades – I mean we all know we can’t take on guns and knives, but I guess the message about other weapons hasn’t gotten out.
  2. Smoke Bomb – I guess this person didn’t realize there is no smoking on domestic flights anymore.
  3. Live eels – the ick factor is just overwhelming; imagine if they had gotten on and you were sitting next to this person.
  4. Propane tanks – I know the airlines don’t serve food in coach any more, but I don’t think they are going to let you grill your own as a result.
  5. Avalanche Charge – I don’t recall seeing many snow filled planes, but this person was prepared for anything.
  6. Sickle – If your heading to ma and pa’s to help harvest the grain it might be needed, but you need to keep it in your checked luggage.
  7. Anti-tank weapon – you can’t be too careful; I mean those drink carts can be dangerous.
  8. Snakes – didn’t they make a movie about that?
  9. Lipstick Case Stun Gun – that is one woman I don’t want to make mad.
  10. Chihuahua – dogs are allowed on planes, but only if you plan ahead.  Apparently this little guy snuck into his owner’s suit case before he left; and I thought my dog had separation anxiety.

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