Four Necessities When Using LinkedIn To Find A Job by Mark Goldman, CPA

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for many reasons… certainly not just for job hunting. However, a profile built for job search purposes needs additional content that may not be as vital for profiles built for other purposes.  The way in which that content is presented is key to making a good first impression if in fact the first time an employer notices you is through a LinkedIn search.

These four items are necessities if you are using your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by employers:

  • Keywords. Just as keywords are important in your resume, they are equally important on LinkedIn.  While a non-job-search profile can be less complete, it’s important to make sure your profile as a job seeker covers all your pertinent skills.  The search feature on LinkedIn works similarly to search features in resume databases and applicant tracking systems.  Therefore the more you can work important keywords such as skills, software, and common titles into your profile, the more ‘findable’ you will be.
  • Subtitle usage. The title that shows up under your name can be an incredibly powerful tool for job seekers.  While many people use it simply as another title line (ie.. “Accountant”), it is actually much more beneficial to use it to state your intent to locate a new job.  Listing something such as, “Looking for my next Accounting opportunity”, or “Searching for a position in Tax,” is much more likely to attract faster attention than a simple title.  When searches are performed, this is the line that will show-up directly under your name, thereby making it obvious to any potential employer that you are interested in being contacted. (Caution: If you are currently working and your search is confidential, you obviously would not want to do this.  It is best used when you can be open about your search.)
  • Recommendations. From the standpoint of a job seeker, these are LinkedIn’s version of online references.  Recommendations can be helpful, but make sure they portray the impression you want them to portray to a potential employer before approving them to be listed on your profile.  Also, while a few recommendations certainly doesn’t hurt, going overboard with them can.  If you have to scroll more than once to get through that section, you probably have more than you need.
  • Picture. This is in total contrast to your resume where you definitely would not want to add your picture (at least in the US).  However, your LinkedIn profile is truly incomplete without the inclusion of a good photo.  The most common issue we see with job seeker’s LinkedIn photos are that they frequently are a selfie where the person was concentrating so much on taking the picture that they forgot to smile.  LinkedIn profiles without a picture seem cold and distant, but LinkedIn profiles with a frowning picture may make you seem unapproachable.  It isn’t necessary to have a professional photo done, but make sure it is a smiling photo that portrays the type of professional image that you wish potential new employers to see.

I hope this short list benefits you. When utilized appropriately, a well written LinkedIn profile can do wonders to simplify your job search by causing the right opportunities to actually come to you instead of you having to find them.

Until next time, I wish you the best in your career.

Mark Goldman CPA

Mark sketch blue background (3)

Mark Goldman is the founder of MGR Accounting Recruiters, a San Antonio based recruiting company whose primary business is the placement of accounting professionals in both permanent and contract positions.

Mark graduated from St. Mary’s University in 1992 with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. After working for a few years in public accounting, he entered the recruiting industry. In late 2006 he started MGR Accounting Recruiters, which was recognized by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in 2010 and 2011. He currently serves on the board for the San Antonio Chapter of TSCPA as President-Elect. Mark received awards for outstanding work as a volunteer with SACPA for the 2009-2010, 2011-2012, and 2013-2014 chapter years. In addition to his work with the SACPA Chapter, Mark is also involved with Financial Executives International and volunteers with the career transition ministry at his church.

On a personal note, Mark is married to his high school sweetheart, Sayuki Goldman, who owns and manages the business with him. They have a beautiful 9-year-old daughter that is growing up too fast.

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