A CPA’s thoughts on Fall

With Labor Day in the past and football season starting up it is time for Fall, even if we have yet to feel a hint of any nip in the air here in Texas. And as CPAs we question things that our fellow citizens may not even think about; things like:

  • How much revenue does Six Flags book in 2016 related to their Fall specials on season passes for 2017?
  • What airline route has the highest profit margin? I mean it can’t cost airlines twice as much to fly to Bentonville from Dallas as it does to New York, but the tickets cost twice as much.
  • How much money are sports teams leaving on the table because they don’t price their tickets like airlines? Another way to look at it is how much money is being made by sellers on sites like StubHub?
  • How many school booster organizations will be taken advantage of because of lack of basic financial controls like having two people handle cash?
  • How much of the cost of that beer you are drinking at the pregame tailgate goes to pay for ads that will air during the game?

I hope you have a great Fall enjoying the games, family time and maybe even the weather, in a few weeks, while taking that special view of events around you that only CPAs have.

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