Don’t Drive Distracted

We are all having a little fun, at Samsung’s expense, joking about the dangers of technology now that it can literally start a fire in your pocket.  I want to take a moment to alert you to another even more serious danger of technology and that is distracted driving.

Cell phones are great because they allow us to work when we want, where we want, but that ability means we have to be smart enough to realize there are places and times we should never use our phones.  Check out this video. We all need to realize that texting and driving can kill and we can’t do it.  We also need to realize that it is more than just texting and driving; it is also checking the sports score or news headline that popped up on your phone, or even just looking up a number to call because talking hands free on the phone is ok right?  Well, it’s not if you can’t dial hands free as well.

If that video impacts you as much as it impacted me, then I ask that you take a pledge to:

  • Care for those around me and put my phone down when I’m driving.
  • Share the message: Distracted driving is never OK.
  • Be aware that I’m never alone on the road.

I you are willing to take this pledge, then go to take the pledge here.  Eleven million people have already taken the pledge, but that is not nearly enough.  We need you and all of your friends and relatives to take the pledge as well.  If you want to see even more tools to help you convince others to take the pledge as well you can check out the whole website here.

I work for a company that makes money by providing wireless service, but we don’t want one dime of revenue that results from distracted driving.  Please help us accomplish that goal.

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