Annual List of Things I’m Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving week which means it’s time for my annual top 10 things I’m thankful for related to the CPA profession.

10) The FAF, which finally convinced a professional accountant in business to join the FASB; it will be nice to have a voice that actually lived closing the books, maintaining controls and producing financial statements on a day to day basis.

9) The members of the AICPA and CIMA that saw the wisdom of joining forces to create an organization that will represent the best in the profession across the world.

8) The FASB, which keeps adding rules that require more and more judgment and puts off the day a computer will be able to do our job for us!

7) The TSCPA whose legislative efforts produced a tangible $200 savings for every CPA licensed in Texas.

6) Meg Campbell, the Executive Director of the DCPAS who makes my life as Chairman easy through her tireless efforts on behalf of all of our members.

5) John Sharbaugh, CEO of the TSCPA, who has led our organization for over a decade and will be moving toward a well-deserved retirement in 2017.

4) Jodi Ann Ray, incoming CEO,  who has accepted the challenge of leading the TSCPA as it moves forward to represent a new generation of CPAs.

3) Bear and Katie, my lovable mutts who always greet me as if I’m the best person in the world no matter how many things I messed up during the day.

2) My kids, who pursued or are pursing degrees in Math Education, Accounting, Engineering and Statistics – I love practical degrees that can actually earn a living!

1) My wife Doris who, after 29 years, continues to show me how lucky I was when she said yes.

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