A CPA’s Resolutions for New Year

In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions (that will be broken in very short order), here is my list of the top 10 CPA resolutions.

10. I will take some CPE every month so by the time December rolls around I will already be in compliance with my state’s CPE requirements.

9. I will take time at the end of each day and beginning of the next day to plan my work for the next day.

8. I will reread my emails before I send them out to make sure they don’t have mistakes in them.

7. I will perform a post-mortem session after I complete critical projects to make sure I take lessons learned to the next project.

6. I will not take on work or clients unless I am sufficiently staffed to do so.

5. I will take time each quarter to learn or do something new that has nothing to do with being a CPA.

4. I will incorporate exercise into my schedule each day no matter how busy I am.

3. I will not each lunch and dinner at my desk on the same day.

2. I will not look at email at least one whole day while I am on vacation.

1. I will not multi-task during conference calls to make sure I am paying attention to what is said.

How long will it take you to break all of them?

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