If time is the what, attitude is the how.

My first piece of advice to anyone is to do whatever you do well, to the best of your ability.  You may feel like the assignment or task is meaningless, but people are always watching.  They will think if you can’t handle that meaningless task well, then how can you be trusted with something more important.  Not doing your best will get you a label – “doesn’t care” or “lazy” – labels you don’t want.

Attitude is more that doing whatever you do well, it also is defined by how you react to situations.  How often do you hear people blame everyone and everything but themselves for what is wrong with their life?  They didn’t get the promotion because of the boss; they didn’t enjoy the movie because of the person in front of them; they didn’t get the grade because of the teacher.  Nothing is their fault; that’s a crock.

Attitude is also about taking responsibility for your actions and what happens as a result.  So, am I asking you to make the best of whatever happens?  Sort of.  Life happens and you can’t control everything.  Bad things happen.  You can blame life for your problems, or you can try to do something about it.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, how about doing something to make the situation incrementally better.

It’s the people with the attitude of taking responsibility and doing something to make things better that other people want to work with, follow and do something to help. If you think about it, your attitude can be infectious, and don’t you want to infect people with a good positive attitude, not a bad one?

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