Fall Top 10 List

It’s October.  While fall officially started a couple of weeks ago, October is when it starts feeling a little more like the actual season, at least here in Texas.  The turn of the season seems to be an opportune time for another top 10 list.  This time it is the top 10 things I look forward to doing in the fall.

10. Cook out on the grill for fun, not to just avoid heating up the house.

9. Talk smack with my friends in our fantasy football league and reminisce about how we had to compute the scores manually when we started a couple of decades ago.

8. Take a trip to a college campus to visit my daughter and remember what it was like when I was in college.

7. Roll the windows down in the car and watch my dog enjoy the wind on her face.

6. Put out the Halloween decorations including the tree filled with plastic pumpkins lights.

5. Relax in the hammock while reading the weekend paper and enjoying a beverage of choice.

4. Go camping and sit around the fire at night watching the flames change color.

3. Enjoy the break between the end of extension tax season and third quarter reporting before year-end reporting and the next tax year work starts up.

2. Walk outside without feeling like I’m walking into an oven.

1.  Take my grandson to his first college football game.

I hope you find a few things to enjoy as well.






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