2017 in review

As the end of 2017 approaches, I thought it might be fun to look back at the variety of topics I discussed over the past year.

Back in January I went philosophical and talked about how time was the great equalizer in the world and attitude and integrity were the items we each control about ourselves in the world. I concluded the blog series pointing out that freedom, which we all so cherish, is really about the ability to choose, which is integral to all three of the previous topics.

I continued to cover new developments in accounting and auditing standards.  There was a blog about the updated definition of a business; but I also covered how the new revenue and leasing standards might impact processes not directly related to financial reporting such as budgeting.  I looked back on the progress made in dealing with the unique nature of private company reporting, and I brought up some changes in auditing standards around fair value and the use of specialists that might have a noticeable impact on those involved in the financial reporting process.

I spent some time talking about jobs and careers, including my new position in the internal audit group at AT&T.  I pointed out how being a CPA can provide a path to many different positions within a company.  Finally, I talked about the biggest myth of being a CPA – that it’s all about the math.

I also delved into some new topics like Cyber-security which, despite its focus on technology, is often about the human element and basic blocking and tackling like limiting access and using appropriate passwords.  I also revisited some old topics like board and management roles in internal control, pointing out that they have a huge influence on over half of the internal control principles which are in the control environment and risk assessment components.

Finally, we had some fun throughout the year talking about having fun in the office, what emoji you would be, and sharing an occasional top 10 list.  I hope you have enjoyed the blog and I look forward to continue writing it next year.

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