New Year’s Resolutions

Traditions start when you do something every year, so we are continuing a tradition of listing the top 10 resolutions that all CPAs make and then just as quickly break in the new year.

  1. I will take some CPE every month so by the time December 2018 rolls around I will already be in compliance with my state’s CPE requirements.
  1. I will reread my emails before I send them out to make sure they don’t have mistakes in them.
  1. I will give timely feedback to my staff when they do something well or need to improve.
  1. I will incorporate exercise into my schedule each day no matter how busy I am.
  1. I will say no to a new project, client or request for my time at least once a month.
  1. I will not look at email at least one whole day while I am on vacation.
  1. I will spend 15 minutes at the end of each day clearing my desk and planning so I can start the next day productively.
  1. I will eat lunch with someone else at least 3 times each week. Maybe I can hit resolution #7 too by walking to lunch with the person!
  1. I will not multitask during conference calls so I know what is said and don’t have to ask people to repeat the question.
  1. I will not wish ill will on the members of the FASB despite having to deal with the new revenue and leasing standards!

What other resolutions do CPAs need to make and which ones do you think we will actually be able to keep this year?

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