Being Prepared

I write this blog after witnessing a bench player lead Villanova to the NCAA Basketball National Championship last night. I realize Donte DiVincenzo was the third leading scorer for Villanova during the past season, but he still had to come off the bench, which meant being mentally ready to provide whatever his team needed when he came into the game. Professionals could learn a lot by thinking about DiVincenzo’s attitude and work ethic he displayed during the game. You never know when the moment to shine will come, but if you are prepared you can show the world your best. If you are not; if you are pouting because you weren’t given the top project or the starting role, you’ll never be ready when the moment hits.

If you watched the game, the 31 points that DiVincenzo scored wasn’t the only feature of his game that was impressive. He also made several key defensive plays. As professionals, we need to be prepared to do the hard, sometimes dull work that makes our companies successful. There may not be much glory in the scorebook for such work, but it is noticed by those around you. Your co-workers then want to get you more involved, and just as Villanova fed off Donte’s energy, your coworkers can feed off yours.

Finally, when Michigan realized he was going to make those three-point shots, he changed his game and drove to the basket. As professionals we must be prepared to change our game. The needs of our company are constantly changing, and the expectations they have of you are constantly changing as well. It’s up to you to change to help yourself and your company continue to be successful.

While DiVincenzo’s performance cost me winning our office bracket, he was still a wonder to watch. Do your co-workers think you are a wonder to watch?

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