The Fourth of July brings back many fond memories – cookouts, canoeing, softball, volleyball; but most of all watching fireworks.  Fireworks shows can often be like people you work with. Here are a few to consider.

The amateur – the fireworks go up one at a time with lots of time in between just like the work accomplished by new people on the team.

The skipper – the fireworks show is moving along, and then inexplicably the fireworks stop for a few moments, only to begin again; just like the person at work who seems to suddenly disappear then comes back performing work like their absence didn’t really occur.

The teaser – these shows have a good pace; and then you think you have a finale, but not really as the fireworks continue just like the person at work who turns in an assignment but then tells you they still have work to complete.

The complete package – the show has a good pace; the volume builds and subsides several times, but never stops and the ending has everything you could want just like the best professionals I get to work with every day.

I hope you have a great Fourth of July, and I hope the fireworks, and your team, are the complete package.


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