August 2018 TSCPA Executive Board Meeting

While the core purpose of professional associations like the Texas Society of CPAs (TSCPA) continues to be about helping members achieve success; member expectations about what that help should be continues to evolve. And like everything else in life these days, that evolution and change is occurring at an accelerating rate.

The TSCPA Executive Board received updates on two key task forces dealing with those changes. One task force is dealing with brand issues, so members know the TSCPA and its 20 local chapters work together to support our members. Another task force is looking at how TSCPA and chapters can help each other and be more efficient in serving those same joint members. Our members are all both a member of a local chapter and the state-level TSCPA; and member expectations cannot be successfully met by either organization on their own. Together, however we can provide a range of support, resources and experiences that will satisfy not only our existing members but draw new members to the paired organizations.

The TSCPA Executive Board also spent a significant amount of time diving into the future of continuing professional education (CPE). One of the hallmarks of our profession is the embracing of continuous learning by our members. We even embraced CPE in our requirements for continued licensure. The model of monitoring hours in a classroom or conference served us well for four decades, but the world has changed, and member expectations about how and when to receive CPE has changed with it. Three of the mega-trends impacting CPE include:

  1. Cost and quality of CPE are no longer directly correlated
  2. Participants expect just-in-time delivery of CPE topics
  3. Participants expect interaction in their CPE

TSCPA is working on a CPE specific strategic plan to address these and other changes to CPE to ensure our members continue to be able to look to TSCPA and their local chapter as a key enabler of their continuous learning throughout their careers.

The TSCPA Executive Board meeting covered several other topics including the report from the Texas sunset commission. The good news is that the sunset commission recommended the continuation of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA), so your license is safe for another 12 years. In my next blog I will go into more detail about all the recommendations from the sunset commission about the future operations of the TSBPA.

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