You Thought You Could Hide From Politics

While there are a few CPA politicians, many CPAs would rather have a root canal than engage in politics. We want to take care of our clients, manage our businesses and, most importantly, get things done. Most of the time, that works and CPAs can go about their business without really worrying about what is happening in the political arena, but this year is not like most years.

On the national level, CPAs are having to deal not only with significant changes to the tax code due to changes passed by politicians, they are also having to deal with no one at the IRS being able to help with questions. The simple facts are the IRS is caught up in the government shutdown, non-essential employees have not been furloughed and apparently answering questions about the new tax law is not considered essential. I guess we can at least be happy that giving refunds is considered essential, so the IRS will be recalling workers to process those checks and deposits. CPAs may not know what to put in the return, but once the return is filed, our clients will get their refund.

While the need to ask the IRS questions occurs every year, this year is the worst possible year for a shutdown, because no one has ever dealt with these provisions before. There is no other CPA who might be able to help in place of the IRS, because the CPA dealt with the issue in the past. With no one to answer questions, there will be a lot of people flying blind as to how to get things done right until things get fixed.

At the state level, here in Texas, the politicians will decide if they want to retain the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) and, therefore, your CPA license. If the Board is not retained, then Texas will have no state-licensed CPAs. The good news is the sunset commission has recommended keeping TSBPA. The better news is the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker of the House seem to be getting along and focusing on mainline issues rather than controversial ones. The hope is that such cooperation continues and we don’t go through what doctors did two years ago when it took a special extended session to get the Medical Board retained so doctors could continue to be licensed in the state.

This might cause you to wonder how CPAs can do their job and deal with politics, but that is where the Texas Society of CPAs (TSCPA) helps. TSCPA advocates for CPAs with politicians every day, so CPAs can focus on their clients and businesses. If you want to see what TSCPA is doing for you, you can follow the Tax Policy Committee on the TSCPA Exchange to see how they are advocating for you with the IRS. At the state level, you can follow what’s going on at the legislative session by reading Last Week in the Legislature published every Friday. As the saying goes, just because you don’t take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you, but in the case of CPAs, we have TSCPA on our side to help when politics gets interested in us.

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