Keeping it Normal

Life will be anything but normal for several weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and remind people there are some good aspects about working from home. To add a little fun, and say hi to my team, I sent “traffic reports” on my “commute” to the office every morning on our instant messenger service (group broadcast function). Here are the messages from last week:

Traffic was light, but I did have to change lanes several times to avoid the cat toys the cats left in my way in an attempt to trip me up. I hope your week is off to a good start.

I had to pull over at the stairway to avoid getting caught up in a high-speed chase, but it was over quickly enough and didn’t hold me up long. I later heard on the police blotter that while Velcro was sure he was younger and faster, Violet decided to prove she was older and had more insurance. I hope your day is off to an exciting start.

Traffic was reduced to one lane today as the fort constructed for the purr-babies partially collapsed like the leaning tower of Dallas and most of the lanes were closed for safety. However, traffic was light and I was able to make it through in almost the same time as normal. I hope all your paths are clear today.

Traffic was light and the temptation to speed was almost overwhelming, but I caught sight of the Fuzz in her favorite hideaway ready to swat me with a ticket, so I kept my speed right at the limit and made it to work without a hitch. I hope you find a smooth pace in your work today.

Animal control made an early morning sweep (i.e., my daughter relocated the cat carrier to the garage) and all suspects went into hiding so my commute was clear sailing all the way in. Hope you have clear sailing all day today.

What are you doing to keep the team engaged and having a little fun?

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