That Dreaded Question

How are you doing?

I’ve run out of ways to answer that question. Now I dread getting it, but somehow, I keep asking it myself. Well, I recently read a great article from Quartz at Work on questions to ask instead of how are you doing? I’m going to include five of them in this blog along with my answers.

What surprising thing have you been stocking up on (besides toilet paper)?

In my case, it is chocolate filled Belvita cookies. My daughter loves those things … and did you know not every Sam’s Club stocks them?

What’s the easiest part about the stay at home requirements?

This one is easy – not having to drive 2+ hours each day!

What is something you miss that surprises you?

I’m not surprised I missed my colleagues, but I am surprised I missed the time my commute gave me to separate work from home and to call my family spread out across the country.

Which member of your family have you been thinking the most about during this time?

This one is hard because I worry about my mom(in-law), dad, sister and children. They are spread across five states and one foreign country, so everyone is in a different situation, but the one I worry about the most is my daughter in Tokyo. I don’t worry because she is in Tokyo, but because she is the only one living, and therefore cooped up, by herself. Whenever I get too worried, I remind myself she lived in New York before moving to Tokyo and therefore things could be much worse!

What time of the day is the hardest?

No one wants to admit it because we all want to put on a brave face, but at some level, this whole experience stinks. It is healthy to admit that and admit when those hardest times hit. For me, it is currently 5:30 p.m. I want to shut everything down and “go home” for a little while, but I am battling myself to do “just one more thing.” I have a hard time admitting I can’t do it all and, guess what, almost always it can wait until tomorrow!

So next time you join an online meeting, ask one of the questions above instead of “how are you doing?”

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